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Materials in the form of  Learning Activities

Lesson wise, Class wise  in EVs for classes III to V  &  For classes I and II  

Classes I and II

KVS CIRCULAR wrt Teaching EVS in Classes I and II

NCF-2005 has prescribed Environmental Studies as a separate subject at classes III – V.  At Classes I & II, it recommends to integrate environmental component with language and mathematics. Hence EVS teaching – learning based on topics like ‘My Home’, ‘Plants’, ‘Water’, ‘My School’, ‘festivals’ etc., be replaced by integrated learning activities based on the six themes. The following document is compendium of a variety of field-tested activities that will help the teachers weave the EVS skills and concerns with Languages and Mathematics in classes I & II.

“Skills in Environmental Studies Through Language and Maths in Early

Grades” The details of the Document

Name: Skills in Environmental Studies Through Language and Maths in Early Grades

Publisher: National Council of Education and Training

 ISBN 978-81-7450-980-2  

Book Code: 1310

‘Resource material Development in EVS’ Workshop was conducted at ZIET Mumbai from 21 – 25th Sept 2015 (Phase I) and 01 to 04 Feb 2016 (Phase II).

The lessons in English, Hindi and Mathematics  that are to be dealt for a particular month, have been identified. Thereafter,  EVS Themes/Concepts have been identified & learning activities were designed for use in the classrooms. 

Learning activites have been  designed with utmost care and we are sure they will be of great use for the teachers handling EVS in Classes I and II .   Please do send Constructive Suggestions and feedback to  


Note to Teachers handling classes I and II 

Teachers handling EVS :

 Learning activities from Language and Mathemics lessons (as per split up syllabus) that have EVS themes/concepts can be identified and shortlisted. EVS teachers focus on the EVS themes and concepts while conducting these activities. 

Teachers handling Language and Mathematics 

Language and Mathematics teachers focus on concepts in Languages and Mathematics respectively.

General Note: Teachers can  share their best classroom Teaching Learning practices on this blog by sending the material along with your details to the mail id  evsprimary@hotmail.com .